Google Mobile-First Indexing by September 2020

Mobile first marketing

Mobile first indexing by Google

In March of 2020, Google made an announcement that by September 2020 all of its website indexing will be done primarily with mobile-first indexing via crawling of the web using a smartphone Googlebot. All Google search results will appear with content firstly from a website’s mobile version. 

This is significant for all company’s marketing efforts because Google bot will view your website just as a smartphone user would. So your website must have a mobile version. And it must be responsive for all platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Google also recommends not using a separate site for mobile, for example a “” version. The mobile view should simply be a responsive version of the desktop site.

According to Google, only 70% of all web sites are now indexed as mobile friendly. Is your site one of the millions that fall into the 30% and needs updating in the next couple of months?

DoubleShot Marketing can design your website so that it is mobile friendly and also optimized for Google’s mobile-first indexing for search engines.

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