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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing

A business must attract customers through the search engine optimization of its website. Our websites are all professionally developed, improve rankings on search engines and help convert clicks into leads. A brand needs a website that looks good and that it can be proud of. We deliver on all fronts!

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have complex and fluid algorithms to determine website content relevance. The DoubleShot Marketing team is on top of these evolving changes. Search Engine Optimization does not yield instant results and is a longer term investment that can lead to better search ranking over time. That's why we recommend a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign as well to get your company more immediate search exposure.

Whether it’s promoting your company's brand and service offerings, giving you a competitive advantage in your local area, or creating consistently compelling content to keep your website fresh, DoubleShot Marketing delivers on Search Engine Optimization – the keystone of your digital marketing presence.

Our search engine optimization services include: keyword research strategy, on-page SEO for organic search ranking, link building via directories, and activity reporting.

Organic Search

We identify your target keywords based on your business's offerings and its search competitors. We then tailor custom content to make your site relevant to your target customers and all search engines.

On-Page SEO

Major search engine discovery and ranking depends on your site's content – text, heading tags and image alt-text. We make sure it's all ready for indexing.

Link Building

DoubleShot Marketing improves your SEO strategy by maximizing internal and external links to help search engine ranking via your target keywords.


Keyword Research and Strategy

A sophisticated digital marketing strategy should start with an analysis of a business, its current website and market keywords. With that inventory the DoubleShot Marketing team starts a plan to create custom website content that's ready for search engine indexing and ranking.

Activity Reporting

Where is your company's website traffic coming from? What are its top referring keywords? DoubleShot Marketing reporting offers regular analytics on website data and performance. We are able to track for all search metrics, click conversions and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


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