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Email Marketing Campaigns

DoubleShot Marketing creates tailored email marketing campaigns geared towards your target audience. Effective emails help promote your business and brand and engage existing and potential customers.

Leverage the power of your list

Keep your mailing list subscribers engaged by sharing the latest news, promoting a line of products, or announcing an event. DoubleShot Marketing knows how to leverage the power of your mailing list and keep it growing. We create powerful, expertly written, and effective email marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your target clients. Our emails get response and convert.

  • Impactful, attention-getting headlines to engage the recipient
  • Capitalize on consumer behavior based on demographic variables
  • Powerful messages and Calls to Action

Email Campaigns

DoubleShot Marketing can help manage email communications with your audience to engage current and potential customers. We design, build and supply quality email designs for maximum deliverability.

Email Marketing Strategies

Who is your target audience? What type of campaign will engage them and lead to action? DoubleShot Marketing can help you craft a strategy to build and maintain your mailing list and create emails that get results.

Email Template Design

DoubleShot Marketing can develop email templates for your company to build a consistent brand image and streamline email production. Our professional designs bring your message to life and increase existing and new audience engagement.

Our designs and solutions are compliant to improve email deliverability.


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